Sunday, June 21, 2009

It’s Wimbledon Time!!!

After Roland Garros, it’s Wimbledon time. Just loving the grass and retractable roof and if only I have the money and the vacation packages, I have no single ounce of doubt in getting to Paris and London for full three months of endless excitement and fun. Geez, I want that dream badly!

But enough of that dream and I’m getting frustrated now. My goal in writing this content is to simply choose my picks for the grass grand slam and not to dream of the impossible (lol).

Looking back, Roland Garros have several events of upsets and unexpected. The King of Clay was ousted by the courageous Robin Soderling in four sets and now, I’m thinking of what possible shocking events can transpire in Wimbledon. Can anyone make loud noises again just like Robin Soderling? Will Ana Ivanovic soar high or after this grand slam, I will just see her name glide down the top 20?

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Making Decisions

We make decisions everyday. Either it’s small or big decision, it’s still a decision we need to act upon. In fact, no one is perfect in terms of decision making. Every decisions we need, we should and we can face have its own sets of consequences and limitations. Probably, there’s no bad decisions, only the better one. Agree with me or not, making decisions is sometimes easy but most of the time, it’s exhausting.

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Confused and Anxious

I woke up this morning feeling like a dead rubber. I couldn't help myself but think about my future. Right now, I'm working as a content writer and I'm happy bout it even there's numerous rough edges I need to fix in my writing styles. However, there's still a bigger picture inside me I want to achieve and that's obtaining a master's degree in psychology.

What field in psychology I want to pursue? I am still in fence to tell you the truth. It's a 50-50 call between business and counseling psychology and I probably will choose to study online (considering my situation as a handicap). Perhaps, this is truly the life we are walking through. Not all things are not what we always expect. There's no hundred percent, there's no perfection, we simply need to survive the consequences in every action we choose to act.

Another confusing problem that bugs me off right now is money. If I am going to have my master's degree, where will I get the money to pay my fees? Sad but true, my salary as a content writer is not enough to support all my needs and wants. Perhaps, I need to talk with my dad or aunt about this matter. They might know someone or some ways to achieve my goals.

Am I over analyzing my problems again or am I taking it too hard for myself? Probably not. At the moment, my goal is to buy my laptop for tennis live streaming, writing tasks, blogging, etc. and I take it from there.