Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Questions, Questions and Questions: Provide Me The Answers

These are some of the million questions twirling in my head:

1) Why some people are fond of giving advices? Don't they know that giving advices is not therapeutic at all?

2) If the best things in life are for free, why can't you just love somebody who can't love you back?

3) Which is more powerful? the insights of a psychologist? Or the instincts of a storyteller?

4) If someone is in deep problem, why say "That's Life" when life itself is the problem?

5) Is there really a miracle when you believe? Or is this only a myth?

6) Are we living in a round planet? Then, what goes around comes around?

7) What's really a life after death?

8) Why does a writer's mind wanders everywhere?

9) If writer's block doesn't exist, why are your ideas are still flowing?

10) Why there many "down-lows" in this world?

11) Why most of the celebrities in the movie and music industries are bisexual?

12) If terrorism is the solution to get rich then why are we still alive?

13) If hardwork is the key to success, why many people are still poor these days?

14) If individuals are born unique, does it mean that we are all living in a subjective world?

15) If prostitution is labeled as the "most oldest form of work," why prostitutes remain poor as a rat?

16) If Konwledge is power, why Experience is still the best teacher?

Dear Readers,

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The "Corny" Bookworm

I don't care how many times I will post this poem in "prose." I truly cherish this poem 'till I grow old and I always cherish the "someone" behind the inspiration:)

Irreplaceable you are that’s true.

You complete the missing part of me and I’ll call you my boo;
My life seems like a mess but I have seen the power of love in you,
That genuine beauty of faith and trust that cast no fear.

How would I let you go?
If I don’t love you,
Why I am dreaming of you at night?

If I don’t love you,

Why I am thinking of you day and night?
If I don’t love you,
Why I am praying for you?
If I don’t love you,
Why I’m crying on my bed?
And if I can’t have you,
Why is it painful to see you go?

Of all my triumphs and failures in life,
In you I found the courage to go forth.

There’s no way to doubt it anymore,
For the rest of my life, I’ll love you.

I might not be your Clark Kent.
I have no strength like the great Tarzan.
But a sudden realization came to me-
I’m such a nobody without you in my life.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Tell Me What You Think

Two years ago, September 12, 2006, I completed the draft of my first novel entitled Promiscuous Obsession. Until now, I'm still editing the grammar, improving the plot and adding several twisting styles in storytelling.

Promiscuous Obsession is a controversial and wicked novel which consists of 23 chapters plus 2 prologues and an epilogue. This novel wants ONLY to explain, narrate and somehow interpret the different "eye-opener" issues in our world. The author has no aim to hurt or to offend a certain race, ethnicity or any individual. Basically, the novel is only for the grown-ups and the OPEN-MINDED.

What's with the "Promiscuous Obsession?"

Promiscuous Obsession is a fictionalized story of two young adult men who strives to live a pleasant life despite of the uncontrollable hardships streaming on their fate. Two men, Two different stories, both presented in a first-person perspective snaking out in a bombshell finale you can't ignore.

Here's the plot:

Life ain’t easy for Justin Matthews. His job as a call-boy is dirty, risky and dangerous. However, everything has changed when Justin meets the popular Dianne Welling. Will Dianne be the girl of his dreams?

Without a doubt, Aras Robinson is one in a million. He is tall, handsome, and smart like his parents. Not to mention. He is also lucky- a boy of miracles. However, things are not perfect for Aras.

Here are the "talk-of-the-town" issues presented in the novel:

Prostitution, Sexual Addiction, Homosexuality, Down-Low Society, Incest, Revenge, Murder, Dysfunctional families, Child Molestation, Sexual Obsession, Unfaithfulness, Professional Shrinking, Forgiveness, Group sex, Sexual Sadism, Exhibitionism, Spiritual Faith...of course, who can ever forget this aspect? Unconditional Love

As of now, these issues interest me and I'm thinking of ways on how to include them on the plot.
1) Cloning
2) Political Self-interest
3) Gangster and mobsters

Do You have any crazy idea? If you have time, PM or IM me at or

Or write me a comment... Let me know what you think :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thanks To SmartBro!

Thanks to SmartBro and we now have a fast internet connection at home. Oh men, this is great! with a broadband connection at home, I can do the ff:

1) I can regularly update my blogspot niche. Yehey!!! Problem is, I'm a lazy writer. hehe

2) I can surf, write, chat, upload, download everything I want and anytime I want.

3) I can read more articles on, not only scanning or skimming.

4) I can advertise my blog, Survivor Insights will be alive again.

5) I can now update my online communities. MySpace, Friendster, Imeem, Tagged, Multiply etc.

6) I can watch porn, R-18 movies and other related films whenever I want to. LOL!!! Naughty SurvivorDean! Don't get me wrong, porn has its advantages to humanity. You want to know more, that's another story....

7) I can chat with her whenever she's online.

Peace & Love Brothers & Sisters!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Our panting intensified as we took the final chapter of our ride. Her body was such a divine eternity drenched in sweat. Skin as flawless as paper. Curve of her hips almost in perfection. Two nipples as big as cherries. This girl was hot! Nailing me in her bed with great satisfaction. Burning my agonies one-by-one.

“Thanks for this night, you’re really an expert.” I gave her two thousand bucks.

“Don’t worry handsome, you also nailed me.”

I smiled. Not merely as a compliment but of shame. Also guilt, perhaps. Four hours ago, I was very disappointed not seeing my name on the Bar Examination Passers’ List. Now, I have this voluptuous woman between my thighs, exploring the deep pleasure of my body releasing the energy I need to move on. Not a permanent cure but it somehow helps.

Ten minutes later, I got up from the bed, put my clothes on and said: “I expect another great session tomorrow. Same time, same place.”

“Sure handsome. No problem!” She exhaled. “I still haven’t gambled my greatest card. Expect a lot of new techniques tomorrow night.”

Outside her house, I breathed heavily. Thinking of something. One-night-stand, it’s my first time to do it tonight. Most of my friends were screwed during their first night. Most of them don’t have a single trace of luck in nailing a scorching gal on their dish. Hilarious!

I thought they were experts. Hilarious! I outplayed them tonight! I am sure; I’ll be a talk of their town when they will know what I did tonight. When I arrived home in the middle of the night, nobody was there. Our living room was quiet. Lights were all shut-off. Thank God, no one is expecting something from me. My dad would surely be in rage of hell if he’ll know that I screw the bar.

Damn it! Once and for all, I need to set aside that memory. I want this night to be mine. A night of denial. I know that I have done my hardest to pull the threads during the exam but life truly sucks sometimes, I got no luck this time.

When I got inside my room, I immediately locked the door, stripped and buried myself on my bed. Stretching, closing my eyes, and clearing my thoughts. Fantasizing for the girl I was with. She might not be the woman of my dreams but believe me or not, she blew me away. Her methods of satisfaction were addictive. One-of-a-kind. I just met her, she doesn’t even know my name either; yet, the attraction that envelopes us tonight was such a magnetic blast. Unforgettable!

It was still seven in the morning; I think I was still on the verge on my dream, when my dad called me. What the hell, it’s Saturday. Leave me alone!

“Onyx, wake up! Your Aunt Margareth is here.”

Not expecting it, there were annoying pounds on my door. Instant thuds whirl on my head. Whirling like a shit. My hands and feet were still numbed, unable to stand.

“Onyx, wake up, now!”

Frustrated, I woke up. Opening my eyes with glimpses of clarity. Did some morning push-ups and hurried downstairs. Yawning and still on the point of no return! When I step outside the gate, I saw Aunt Margareth in her most provocative dress, exposing her silicon breasts. I smiled at her, feeling weak. I thought she’s all alone but someone is following her.

“Meet my daughter, Sarah.”

Explosive bombs of mistakes flooded all over me when I saw her. She was the one I was with last night. The girl who temporarily saved me from the weeds of sorrow. Without hesitation, Sarah immediately offers a handshake, acting it all out, pretending that everything is fine.

“Now I know, you’re my cousin I have not seen for twenty-three years. Great seeing you. I’m hugely looking forward where we could go after this.” She gave me a quick kind-of-flirt blink.

Bullshit. I couldn’t utter a single word.

I’m all screwed!

My Mother, My Hero

Because of you, I was born in this world,
Experience the happiness and hardships in life.
I never felt all alone, because you’re always there-
Guarding and nursing me on your own bare arms.

Many nights, you woke up,
Because of my cries-
From your tender breast, I sucked the miracle food;
That gave life to my babyhood.

You taught me everything,
Including the good values I must face forever
To my problems and burdens, you never leave me,
You’re always there to comfort me.

I thought you’re my enemy-
Who will take away my freedom to move:
I can’t go anywhere nor do anything I want,
Then, I realize you only want what’s the best for me.

You’re my first teacher-
Who solves my problems so dear.
I love you and you love me;
Caress me that nothing can ever match.

However, one day, you decided to leave me-
Without your love, I feel so sad and blue.
Now, I can’t be with you in my whole life through,
Longing and starving for your touch and care so true.

Now, you had passed away;
Going into the blue sky with little angels and loving Virgin Mary.
I still always love you and will never fade away,
Because you’re my true hero that always stay in my memory.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


It's been a year since you broke my heart
Yet, that moment remains very fresh to me
Every single drop of tear from my eyes,
every pain,
every dream,
every wish
All these things inside my subconscious-
Making me feel like an idiot.

I'm not a psychic to read what's on your mind,
It might be too late to let you know
That I still in love with you.

How could this love story be wrong when it feels so right?
Loving you is like a breath of fresh air
No need to deny it;
Thinking of you is, indeed, the sweetest downfall of my day.

You might be wondering why,
You might still ask me how,
Truth is, it's not you that I need the most
It's not you that I want,
But why I can't picture myself with anyone but you?

Words are not enough to tell you how much I love you
Actions are even not enough to show how sincere I am to love you
Believe me or not,
You are a part of me I can't let go.

How can I let you go if it even hurts more?
Letting go is the hardest thing of all
Walking away and pretending that I don't love you is just a lie
Making me live in a world with no air.

I hate myself for loving you so much
Daydreaming that one day, you're still mine???
I guess they are right.
I should put an end in this crazy love affair

Reality is, I don't need another girl in my life
My life remains empty no matter how I try
But let me tell me you that,
I still be here as your friend
Only time knows what the real ending is.

"The greatest disease in the world isn't medical, it's being unwanted, unloved and uncared for. Physical disease can be cured but the only cure for despair is Love... Many people are dying for a piece of love."
-Grey's Anatomy