Wednesday, December 31, 2008

SurvivorDean Year-End 25 of 2008

Here I go again, tallying my bestest singles of 2008.

25) 4 Minutes : Madonna ft. Justin Timberlake

24) Bye Bye : Mariah Carey

23) Clumsy : Fergie

22) Bleeding Love : Leona Lewis

21) Still Standing : Monica ft. Ludacris

20) Always Be My Baby : David Cook

19) Lollipop (remix) : Lil' Wayne ft. Static Major

18) She Said, I Said : NLT Prod by Timbaland

17) Right Here (Departed) : Brandy

16) Bust It Baby (Part 2) : Plies ft. Neyo

15) Trading Places : Usher *My Video of the Year*

14) Miss Independent : Neyo *My Video of the Year*

13) Feedback (remix) : Janet Jackson ft. Ciara

12) Superwoman : Alicia Keys *My Video of the Year*

11) Suffocate : J. Holiday

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone and A Hot Soulful Song!

A very special Christmas message featuring your favourite players from the ATP World Tour and Sony Ericsson WTA Tour (youtube).

And, this song from Musiq featuring Mary J. Blige was hot. I was nearly suffocated listening to the lyrics, Geez!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Survivor Insights 15: Predictable Win For Bob!

Two-thousand eight will surely be an unforgettable year for the 57-year-old physics teacher, Bob Crowley. After winning the Sole Survivor Title and $1 Million + Sprint's 100,000— what could be more for Bob? Just a Merry, Happy Christmas!

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Outplacing Employees- What Should You Know About Redundancy

In UK, cutting-off jobs is widely practiced. This technique of cutting-off jobs is known as redundancy. It occurs when a company terminates an employee because his or her services are no longer needed or the company suffers from extreme financial crisis.

There is also another redundant technique known as "collective redundancy." This technique occurs when there's twenty or more staff termination in ninety days.

Although we can't control the spread of wrongful dismissal, you can still qualify for redundancy compensation.

According to Employment Law, there will be a redundant compensation to dismissed employees who's at least two years in service. Employees who are terminated from their positions due to misconduct, refusal to accept the outplacement offers, and those working in abroad- their redundant rights are revoked.

But to those employees who remain undecided to either accept the new job or not, a trial period of four weeks is given to them and if in any way he still feels dissatisfied with his new job, they can leave the job and still claim the compensation.

Redundancy and Evaluation- How It's Done?

The whole procedure for employee redundancy should be done objectively. Six important variables are measured. These are: Skills, Performance, Attendance, Disciplinary Record, Experience, Aptitude

The president has the levelheadedness to meticulously balance these variables before coming up with confirmable decisions. Rushing up this decision is one and the same to unfair dismissal.

If you are a victim of this uncontrollable scenario, patiently talk with your employer. If you think his reasons are rational, swallow your pride and simply accept the outplacement services. Participating to outplacement coaching helps you find another job in line with your interests and skills.

How To Survive Redundancy

It's scary to think that we can all be dismissed from our work. Only time knows when this scenario happens. For the meantime, I want to share with you an inspiring quotes written by Hazel Bunston on how to combat the terrible effects of layoff.


"Work out your strategy well in advance"

Planning is everything. If your job plans to terminate you, research for another job you think you will easily fit in. Your workplace is your playground and for this, you need to become the strategist. Never stop planning things to your advantage.


"Plan your week"

Weeks before the termination, redo your plan board. Rewrite, relay-out your resume every time you get home from work. This technique improves the overall presentation of your resume. Most important thing of all, never waste a time, learn how to market yourself to every new opportunities week after week.


"Take full advantage of outplacement services"

Participating to outplacement coaching sessions can be advantageous to you. Outplacement packages include career coaching, training in resume-writing and psychometric training.


"Network like crazy"

How many ways to communicate with various people today? Hundreds if not thousands, right? For this, you need to wear your thinking cap always and market yourself like it's the end of the world tomorrow. Attend job seminars, job fairs, and job forums online. Never limit yourself; finding work has never been so complicated if you persevere.


"Stay positive"

Dismissal is always a part of life. These days, it's not easy to look for a new job but there are a number of ways to help you look another job. One, participate to outplacement services. Two, attend job seminars and job fairs near you. Three, browse the Internet and never stop till you find the right job that matches your interests.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What's the Significance of Outplacement to Employment Transition

Economic breakdown infuriates millions of people. Several businessmen are down and hoping for more miracles to salvage their business campaigns. However, having one's place is no longer a dilemma with the rise of outplacement.

Outplacement is defined as a professional technique in assisting a terminated employee in looking for a new job in line with his abilities and skills; and what's great with this technique is, it might salvage your shrinking workforce.

Losing a job is considered to be the most painful reality struck on you. The percentage of job vacancies is so slim. In fact, this is the whole point of outplacement! It encourages these big companies to hire outplacement agencies. Once your employees enjoy the fruit of outplacement, you can guarantee-

Company's Reputation is Protected

"Although Outplacement is chiefly aimed at employees who find themselves in a redundancy situation, it can also help protect a company's brand when it is forced to take such action," Linda Daly reported.

No Resentment Memory

Participating to outplacement counseling helps those terminated employees become a well-adjusted person who's willing to face another challenges with smiles.

Outplacement Services Eradicate Dissatisfaction

"Outplacement generally provides the redundant workers with a professional assessment or analysis of their situation. It offers them guidance on certain techniques to ensure they are successful in the future, provides them with information about the jobs market and gives them the tools to market themselves ("

For training, mentorship, and step-by-step guidance on starting an online business, visit Online Business Initiative and for more news about OIB, go to

Friday, December 12, 2008

Survivor Insights 14: Gullible Matty!

Sugar was in the game once again. With the hidden immunity necklace in play, she twisted the events around the camp and created a scheming masterpiece to blindside the 2004 Track and Field Olympic Gold Medalist Crystal Cox.

It's everyone's game now. Sugar already played her hidden immunity necklace to protect Matty, Bob won the immunity challenge twice in a row, Ken was an outcast, Susie could be in the finals and Matty continues to play the worst strategic game in history.

Sugar was the reason why Matty was still standing. Perhaps, Matty was too afraid to flirt with Sugar to his advantage. Matty played a "gullible-and-good-boy-scheme" but it sounds to me, he's letting his cards go and let other people do the magic for him.

Geez, that sounds "OUTSOURCING." Matty was only trying to outsource miracles to survive (LOL). Perhaps, it's Matty's strategy and who knows, this might work for him.

Bob won the reward challenge again and he brought Crystal and Ken with him. The three enjoyed a meal, shower and an unforgettable trip To Gorilla Sanctuary. They have also learned a Gabonese song, watch the never-before seen video.

But Bob continues to dominate and won the Immunity Challenge. These events only reveal Bob was a no-joke threat this season. He's 57 but his hunger to win this game was too strong. If Sugar and Matty stick with each other in the next episode, they should get rid of Bob and brought Susie in the final three. If Bob sailed in the finals, he could be the winner by a landslide.

Whoever wins this game, Sugar deserves to be in the final three. The finale is near, two days to go (December 15, 2008).... weeeeeeeeeeheeeeeeee!

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Survivor Insights 13: JC Tiuseco - The First Pinoy Sole Survivor

At Last! The Old-Car-Curse came to an end and JC Tiuseco, the 23-year-old "nice-guy castaway", was officially declared as the First Pinoy Sole Survivor.

JC garnered six total number of votes from the jury and the seventh came from the 93% text votes from home viewers. No doubt, it was a landslide win for JC over Rob Sy considering he also won the brand new car.

In fact, some news items claim he played the game with integrity and this helped him bring home the bacon in the end.

Bringing Back The Past

JC started the game weak. He needed to changed gears almost all the time to survive the elements in Devil's Island. Watching the first Naak's immunity Challenge, I thought he was the first one to go but JC made a great strategic move when he sided with Kaye Alipio, the 20-year-old lingerie model from Calamba Laguna.

Somehow, JC's strategy did work for him and was not voted out. Creating an alliance is an important commandment in the game of SURVIVOR and all went good when JC made a stronger pack with Kiko, Rob and Kaye.

When his best buddy, Kiko, was eliminated during Day 24, JC immediately tied himself with another set of alliance in order to avoid elimination. That time, he finds it hard to trust Kaye.

Quite frustrating JC didn't stick with Kaye (He and Kaye could have been in the final two) and with that, Kaye was ousted in Day 32.

JC was a big threat when he won the back-to-back immunity challenges during Day 29 and 32 but his nice-guy-high behavior didn't backstab him. Cris, Charisse and Rob had all the powers to vote JC out when he gave up the immunity necklace in exchange for a brand new car.

But as what most people believed, good things happen when you're least expecting it. JC's runner-up, Rob Sy, remained loyal to him and brought him in the final two.

In their final Tribal Council, JC was emotional due to flooding unfavorable comments against him. As stated in the law, being too emotional is a taboo in SURVIVOR. Whatever happens, you must learn to control your emotions. Luckily, emotions did work for JC earning him six votes from eight jury members.

Unlike Brian Heidik in US Edition (his bet), JC failed to win the final immunity challenge but still, LUCK chose to play tricks on him to become the FIRST PINOY SOLE SURVIVOR.

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Philippine Entertainment Portal
PEP Homepage

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Survivor Insights 12: Who will be the First Pinoy Sole Survivor?

Tonight is the night and the First Pinoy Sole Survivor will at last be revealed!

Will it be the 23-year-old basketball hearthrob from Manila (JC Tiuseco) or the 30-year-old sales officer from Davao City (Rob Sy)?

In a span of two weeks, huge events transpired in Ko Tarutao. First, Marlon Carmen became the fourth member of the jury, Kaye Alipio got blindsided and ousted from the game, Nanay Zita was also a victim of the unexpected and was voted out during the surprising Tribal Council. JC, Rob and Charisse voted her out because they thought Zita was the strongest contender and whoever will sit beside her in the finals, she will win.

JC won the final four immunity challenge but decided to award it to Rob in exchange of a brand new car. He was lucky and he wasn't still voted out that night. Rob had the power to blindside him and sided with Charisse and Cris. But in the end, it was Cris who got the fall and became the seventh member of the jury.

All went well with the final three. JC, Charisse and Rob were given a Thai breakfast feast the day after. The three fought like real warriors during their last immunity challenge. In fact, the final 3 immunity challenge was one of the toughest challenges in history. The challenge required endurance and staying power while lying in a parallel plank, with water dripping all over them from a barrel at their head part. Then, the parallel plank was adjusted every fifteen minutes until it reaches 180 degrees.

In the end, Rob outlasted the two and guaranteed a spot in the finals. He could choose Charisse over JC. Yet, he stayed loyal to JC and Charisse was still eliminated in Day 38.

Last night was an intense Tribal Council for the two remaining castaways. JC and Rob was put in the ring of fire as the eight members of the jury (Jace, Kiko, Vern, Marlon, Kate, Zita, Cris, and Charisse) aired out their dirty laundries.

I didn't know why the members of the jury felt very betrayed. Some of their comments were below-the-belt. But what can I do? That's part of the game. Whatever happens, you better outwit, outplay and outlast...

But the real question is: Who will win the title of Pinoy Sole Survivor?

Based on my assessment, Rob has laid the matured answers on the table. Although some members of the jury were literally maiming his overall personal identity, he still knew how to market himself to them. There was a sense of balance strategy in his answers.

JC could not dribble his answers well and tends to forget editting some of the details. His answers might not be strategic as Rob but hell yeah, he still needs to sharpen his insights.

Who wins tonight? Might be 51-49 call for Rob Sy considering JC Tiuseco won the brand new car.

The Old-Survivor-Car-Curse might on the playboard once again!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Siblings Win TAR 13!

Nick and Starr sailed their way to the finish line in Portland, Oregon and became the 13th champions of The Amazing Race. Of all the duo teams in TAR, Nick and Starr are a no-joke. They got the drive, the competitive spirit and the above-average intelligence to win the race.

In fact, out of eleven legs, they are in the front seat for seven times, including the finale and four consistent number one in episodes five, sixth, seven and eighth. This record is even better than Rob and Amber back in season seven.

My other personal bets who made it on TAR final three and win are:
Season 1: Rob and Brennan
Season 2: Blake and Paige (third)
Season 3: Flo and Zach
Season 5: Brandon and Nicole (third)
Season 6: Freddy and Kendra, Kris and Jon (second)
Season 7: Rob and Amber (second)
Season 8 (TAR Family Edition): The Linz Siblings
Season 9: Eric and Jeremy (second)
Season 10: Tyler and James
Season 11 (All-Stars): Eric and Danielle, Dustin and Kandice (second)

TAR "won all six of the Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program awarded since the category was created in 2003 (Wikipedia)."

TAR defeated Mark Burnett's SURVIVOR but it's fine, SURVIVOR is still doing spectacular in TV Ratings. The real survivors don't need to win awards to become amazing, hahaha!

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Meta Tags - How to Go About Using Meta Tags For Your Website

Article Author: Alakh Arpan Akhawat
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It has got rather primary for webmasters to misuse the practice of Meta tags called for to acquire greater search engine rankings. This is regrettable and has led search engines to modify the emphasis knuckled under their algorithmic program when grading sites. It is hence crucial for you to recognize how to compose right Meta tags that you acquire the one and the same finest and sanctioned search engine rankings.

While composing Meta description tags it is all important for you not to apply more than 170 characters and the article that you apply must follow that one on your web page. At that place are assorted references accessible to direct you in composing suitable Meta description tags letting in LookSmart, and Open Directory. You actually should bear your description bind nearly to W3C standards and the description should be nearly associated to the articles on your web page.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ivanovic - Verdasco Sweet Moments

I am jealous :(

What ca we do folks? The World Seed Number 16 (ATP, 2008) is just so LUCKY.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Survivor Insights 11: Paranoia Sets In!

(Changing the title from Survivor Analysis to Survivor Insights as this is a more appropriate title for my review)

“How will you make the paranoia work for you and not against you.”
-Jeff Probst

Matty Whitmore, the 29-year-old personal trainer, was nearly eliminated in this twelve episode as his closest ally (Ken) turned his back on him. But in the end, it was Corrine Kaplan who got the fall and became the fourth member of the jury.

This episode was all about Bob, the physics teacher. Bob opened this episode telling Sugar how disappointed he was in her nasty behavior during Randy's exit. During the reward challenge, Bob brought Crystal and Sugar in victory and finish the whirling circular puzzle to raise a flag. But in the second round, Bob nailed the sliding puzzle and won the reward.

The reward was seeing his wife face-to-face. After Bob and his wife get-together, they arrived at the camp, telling everybody that they have also their own rewards. The emotional part was Matty. He was hugging and kissing his girlfriend, Jamie, like he will never see her again and wow, her girlfriend said "YES" to his marriage proposal.

That was probably the sweetest and genuine scene in Survivor History. I felt the genuine connection between Matty and Jamie. It was not simply about lust and hungry for sex.

Next is Sugar. Her sister brought her dad's ashes in a small bottle. Near the river, they both prayed and poured the ashes into the river. Sugar missed her father very much and this event helped her become the competitive flirt in Gabon.

What I don't like about her in this episode is she didn't deliver just as I expected her to play the game. In this episode, she allows Ken to reign the kingdom.

Bob won the immunity and he and Corrine decided to poison Ken. Ken, without thinking deeply, immediately gives in to their offers and voted against Matty during the Tribal Council. If Crystal Cox voted for Matty, Matty was gone!

Six castaways remain and it's time for me to pick a tentative final three. My Pick: Matty, Sugar and Susie. Susie was not in my original list but because of Ken's decision to blindside Matty, Ken puts himself in the most vulnerable position next week and that makes Susie a powerful darkhorse. Sugar was the only sure-fire member in my list because of her hidden immunity necklace inside her bag. Matty has slim chances of being in the top three and if he doesn't win immunities in the next three episodes, he's gone.

Bob was the ideal candidate for final tree but he's too perfect. He's intelligent, he got a loving wife, he's old and for these reasons, he got no flaws to be in the final three.

Meanwhile, watch this never-before-scene in Ponderosa after Corrine got voted off.

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Just Gorgeous!

Ana Ivanovic done it again! After FHM, she's in Sport & Style L'equipe.

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WTA Women Tennis

Just a quick say!

Congrats to Pacman for winning the Dream Match against Oscar De La Hoya "The Golden Boy." Pacman swept De La Hoya all the way long till The Golden Boy resigns on the eighth round.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Long Christmas Vacation! I will miss my work :)

December once again and the long Christmas vacation is coming in town.

Here in the Philippines, regular holidays will fall on:

December 24 (Wednesday)- Christmas Eve
December 25 (Thursday)- Christmas Day
December 30 (Tuesday)- Rizal Day
January 1, 2009 (Thursday)- New Year

And our special holidays, which means no work, no pay, will fall on:

December 26 (Friday)***
December 29 (Monday)***
December 31 (Wednesday)***

January 2, 2009 Friday will be a sandwich.

This is not soooo cool :(

Advance Happy Holidays to the world!

Survivor Insights of the Day

The article below is written by: FashionXpert
Article Source: Men Expert

Colors evoke myriad emotions and associations. A woman who sees a man dressed in a black suit probably sees him as a man who wields a lot of power. Similarly a man who is daring enough to wear pink, like Saif Ali Khan did in Salaam Namaste, is obviously very secure in his masculinity and doesn’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone.

".... blue, again a very popular color in men’s fashion, implies that the person wearing it is a warm and honest person. It can also convey that the guy is someone who is serious and intelligent."

To read the full article, click this link. Colors That Match Your Personality