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Survivor Analysis 7: Alpha Males Took the Fall

The highlight of SURVIVOR GABON (episode seven) was when Probst announced that each tribe should vote out one of their member.

At Last! The Fang Tribe finally decided to get rid of cocky Ace Gordon. To me, this might be the smartest strategic move made by the group. Thanks to Ken!

While in Kota Tribe, another castaway in my I-favorite list took the fall. Dan Kay was sent home by the onion alliance except for Marcus. Marcus didn't vote for Dan because he thought Dan has the hidden immunity idol. He voted for Susie, however, his two other co-alliance members, Corrine and Charlie, did otherwise.

If Dan could have controlled his mouth from talking, he could have save his own skin. I don't know what's on his mind why he talks too much during his stay at Kota.

I understand he's a lawyer and he has the urge to express what he wants but in the game of survivor, saying things what other people want to hear will not always work.

Seems like, his biggest mistake started when he arrived in Kota's camp after the switch and without any hesitation, he talked and talk again like a kid convincing his mommy to buy a new bicycle.

At Fang's camp, Sugar held the powerful position. Apart from the hidden immunity idol, Marcus awarded her the second immunity necklace after he won the immunity challenge.

By the way, this episode's immunity challenge was a blast.

"Immunity Challenge: The castaways would compete in a head-to-head logrolling contest in a single-elimination tournament. The final round would have three castaways rolling the log at the same time." (WIKIPEDIA)

Ace, Sugar and Marcus sailed through the final round of the challenge and these three did an awesome job. It took a while before Sugar fell into the water. Ace was a powerful competitor. His balance was amazing but he was still unsuccessful in outlasting Marcus' excellent leg movements.

Both of these alpha males stayed strong yet it was Ace who first fell in the water. Marcus just followed right through and cost him to win the immunity necklace.

No doubt, Marcus was the stand-out character in this challenge. While watching, I wanted him to win. If Ace crushed him, another original Fang member would be again ousted.

What's also great is, Marcus didn't give the second immunity idol to Ace, instead he awarded it to Sugar.

This event made me realize that Marcus was not the type of player who gives rewards for "I-salute-how-you-played-the-game" sake. Interesting!

I thought Sugar would give her hidden immunity idol to Ace but she didn't do it. At last, she did something memorable in this season.

Matty sided with Ace to oust Crystal during the Tribal Council. As expected, Matty remains to be a spontaneous competitor. His strategy didn't speak volumes. He's only focusing on what's evident and what his feelings say.

I want Matty to win but if he will continue doing his "Just-Let-Go" strategy, he won't last longer (first or second member of the jury).

This is only my 50-50 prediction:

Gabon might be one of those heartbreaking seasons where no one in my I-favorites could seal a spot in Final Four and only one can possibly make it in the jury.

Survivor Philippines Updates

Jace Flores the ninth castaway voted out from the game. This 19-year-old fitness instructor was already perceived as the biggest physical threat who could dominate the immunity challenges.

But no matter how strong you are, numbers is still needed in the game of Survivor. Six Naak Tribe are still alive and only four from Jarakay. It's plainly nonsense if Naak would keep Jace for mercy.

So good to see that JC and Kaye sit comfortably in their powerful chairs. Even these six castaways sailed through the final six, JC and Kaye won't still be a target.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

BIG Success For Ivanovic and Murray

Ana was understandably delighted after a near flawless display of controlled power tennis earned her a 6-2, 6-1 win over world No.9 Vera Zvonareva, and with it the Generali Ladies Linz title.

Ana Ivanovic Vs Vera Zvonareva [HQ] Title Final Linz 08

On the other hand, Andy Murray defeated Andrey Golubev 6-1 6-1 to retain his St. Petersburg title and to secure his fifth tournament win of 2008 in less than 1 hour of play.

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Ana Ivanovic: Back in GREAT Action, Andy Murray: Keeps Fighting

After early exits in tennis tournaments like US Open, Tokyo Open, China Open and Kremlin Cup, Ana Ivanovic is finally back in great action. Reaching the semifinals in Zurich was already a big achievement. The semifinal match between her and Venus Williams was of top quality. I've seen the final stretch in YouTube and Ana's footwork was amazing!

Earlier this day, I got a news Ivanovic sailed through the finals in Linz where she will face the Russian Vera Zvonareva.

Win or lose, Ana Ivanovic is starting to soar high once again and hope this will continue till the Australian Open in January.

Andy Murray is also making victorious grounds in St. Petersburg as he defeated Fernando Verdasco in the semi (6-0, 6-3) and face Andrey Golubev in the finals.

Hope for another win, Murray!

Looks like the pride of United Kingdom keeps on playing his excellent tennis these days. After reaching US Open finals, he was also the two-time champion in the recent concluded Madrid Master Series.

Murray seems hungry to reach the ATP Top 3, this ain't a joke for Novak.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Survivor Analysis 6: Season's "Hottest Chick" Ousted!

Another beautiful girl was ousted in Gabon and unluckily, that girl was Kelly Czarnecki- the "hot chick" of the season. Seeing her go was like a dagger in my heart. I was in denial at first as Jeff Probst read the final vote. Fang was completely losing their mind when they voted out Kelly. Don't they realized it was one of the poorest and dull strategic moves in Survivor History?

Everything is clear to me now. The Fang Tribe was a disaster and if they're not the most losing tribe in Survivor History apart from Ulong Tribe back in Survivor Palau, they still got the second spot in the loser's circle whether they will win the next episode's immunity challenge or not.

Most of my I-favorites came out victorious but I failed this time around. Probably, I picked an I-favorite so early and that wasn't a good practice.

The early exit of Kelly Czrnecki is probably one of the earliest exits of my I-favorites since Gina Crews of Survivor Marquesas and Tanya Vance in Survivor Thailand (season 5). Parvati Shallow outlasted the rests in Micronesia (season 16) and was in the final six during the season 13 (Cook Islands). Amanda Kimmel did make it to the final three along with Todd and Courtney (Survivor China). Danielle DiLorenzo was a runner-up in Survivor Panama Exile Island, which is my favorite season of all time. Stephanie LaGrossa and Danni BoatWright made it in the final two in Guatemala. The outspoken, Eliza Orlins, was in the final four in Vanuatu. The competitive edge of Darrah Johnson guaranteed her a seat in the final four during the season seven. Heidi Strobel was in Top Five in Amazon while Kim Powers sailed through the final six back in season three. Lastly, Elisabeth Filaski stayed in the Final Four in Australian Outback.

Like I said earlier, voting Czarnecki was one the poorest strategic decisions made by Fang Tribe. Fang was like having this multiple personality disorder in terms of making decisions. Matty was very spontaneous, Ken was doubtful, Crystal couldn't think straight probably due to extreme hunger. Sugar was going nowhere (she was sent to Exile Island for the fourth time) and she's an easy target without the hidden immunity idol in her bag. Lastly, Ace was the snake. He's the reason why Fang lose in this week's immunity challenge.

Ace was not a good team player. He's acting like a leader but nobody likes him. Yet, his cocky personality looks like an asset in the show. Like Shane in Survivor Panama Exile Islands, he's annoying but you can blindside him anytime.

This episode's immunity challenge was in the tightest and neck-in-neck jungle race in history.

"The tribes would divide into three pairs. Each pair would be tethered together by a rope. The first pair would crawl under a cargo net, race through the jungle, go through an obstacle, retrieve two sections of a flag pole, and return to the starting line. The next pair would run the same course with an additional obstacle to retrieve their two pieces of the flag pole. The final pair would have run the course with two additional obstacles. The first tribe who collects all of the flag pole pieces and assembles their flag would win. (Wikipedia) "

Kelly and Sugar vs Bob and Randy started the challenge with the two girls on a strong lead but were a little bit behind as they race to the starting line carrying the flag pole. Crystal and Ace vs Charlie and Corrine came in next but Crystal and Ace failed to catch up with their lead. Big thanks to Matty and Ken. They breeze through the obstacles like true athletes who were hunger for victory, closing the gap with Marcus and Dan. Fang and Kota were really in neck-in-neck during the flag assemble.

I didn't understand why these other Fang members give in to Ace self-centered urge to assemble the flag. Perhaps, the other members were annoyed by Ace's know-it-all personality. The fact Matty and Kenny was still in an extreme exhaustion; Sugar and Kelly couldn't get hold of Ace's aggression and Crystal was in complete disappointment devoured by her emotions, they lost the fire of success.

Fang could have won the immunity but their lack of teamwork during the final stretch of the game brought them to another level of despair and shame.

Kota was already a bit vulnerable during the last and final race. Matty and Ken did great in outplaying Marcus and Dan but Kota played as a TEAM during the final minutes of the game and still standing with a victory.

Kota solely won because of GREAT TEAMWORK, Fang was not consistent in what they should be doing. The victory was already there but evaporates in an instant due to one-man-show.

Honestly, Matty was better than Ace. He and Kenny were the HEROES of this week's immunity challenge. They did the hardwork in closing the gap and instead of uniting the tribe's spirit in assembling their flagpole, Ace totally screwed it. Perhaps, the pact and the "swearing over his girlfriend's name" was the reason why Matty didn't cut-throat Ace.

Ace performed better when he's still at Kota. and winning might not be his priority when he's at Fang.

What's really disappointing is Kelly got the boot instead of him (5-1) and I also couldn't understand why Kelly voted for Crystal instead of Ace.

Kelly might be evidently weaker than Ace but she's more strategic player than Ace. Ace stayed longer in the game because he was perceived as the "alpha male" and Fang might still need him in physical challenges. Sad to say, his stay at Fang only spells disaster and he was happy at seeing Fang's downfalls.

In next week's episode, the two tribes will be forced to vote out one of their tribemates and let's see if Fang will get rid of Ace or simply opted to hang on their irrational decision-making. Kota can lose something BIG if they vote out one of their tribe members and Marcus-Charlie-Corrine alliance was tight.

Kelly seems right in her RNO interview with David Bloomberg when she pointed out "You know what, Ace is so fake. It’s really sad actually. He had to reinvent himself from Kota to Fang. He was a leader in Kota and laid low in Fang. Everybody was so uptight and nobody had a sense of humor. I don’t think before I speak and I’m goofy and funny. Ace couldn’t get out of his fakeness and played his own game the slimy way. Good luck getting anywhere."

To read Kelly's full interview, click this LINK


In their second consecutive visit in Tribal Council, the Jarakay Tribe sent home the cute and eyecandy call-center agent, Nikki Dacullo of Tacloban.

What I can't understand with Nikki, she didn't do anything that could save her from elimination. If she was smart enough, she could have convinced her alliance to vote off Jace. Jace was perceived as "the biggest threat" and Nikki had all the reasons to get rid of him and advance in the MERGE.

Unlike Amanda Kimmel whom she admires, Nikki behaves like a baby. She got an array of options to save her own skin but still choose not to fight her "homesickness."

Thanks for the editing anyway and they showed a little deeper side of Nikki before she was voted out.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Inspiring Quote for your Soul

Mother Theresa was right!

Why you need to live in other's eyes?
Why immediately believe in those stereotypes and labeling?

True happiness comes when you accept your imperfection without minding what others think of you.

Truth is; gossips, trash talks, biased labellings and stereotypes- these are just all nothing made by those insecure people who have bigger dilemmas than you have.

Remember: You still have the power to outwit and outplay them. If you love yourself, just listen but never believe what those people are saying against you.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Is What I Call Life!

Life is not perfect and it never will. Yet, I enjoyed outplaying it all the time. My life is a game filled with work algorithms, luck and miracles. Sometimes I'm on the top. At times, I'm down but still standing tall.

It's exhausting to wake up early in the morning, especially if you still want to sleep. Yet, life is not about doing what you want the most but it is about how you are going to survive temptations and trials.

Although you still want to go to sleep, you need to stay awake and go to work to earn money. If you are late at coming to work, better be early next time. If next time comes and you're still late, start analyzing your lifestyle why are you late.

That's me whom I am talking about. It's quite embarrassing to be always late at work and so frustrating if you can't put your best foot forward at work because of lack of sleep.

Perhaps, that's life in general!

Life is about mistakes. The more I commit mistakes, the stronger I become and the stronger I become, the more insightful lessons I can learn.

Mistakes is what makes us live. No one is invincible in this world.

I live in a world of mistakes. You live in a world of mistakes too and no matter what we do, that's the reality!

It seems frustrating to live in a world of mistakes but this is the only way to understand the meaning of life.

Mistakes are part of life and if you commit mistakes, it's hard to deny it, better face it with a smile on your face and show the world that you can still stand on your two feet and make a difference despite of your imperfection.

This is what I call life! Living is surviving and surviving is what we can do to reach the paramount of success in life, right?

How to Create Profits Using Viral Marketing Techniques

Article Author: Jerry Bader
Article Source:

The Difference Among Viral, Buzz, and Word-of-Mouth

There are certain words, jargon that stands in for theory, that starts with marketing industry insiders and before you know it becomes the 'in' subject of books, blogs, articles, and MBA dissertations. But as jargon filters down to the less sophisticated, the meaning and ideas behind these words becomes lost. Such is the case with the current state of thinking on Buzz, Viral, and Word-of-Mouth marketing.

These terms are often used interchangeably but are they the same thing? Dave Balter and John Butman in their book, "Grapevine,' describe Buzz as a marketing tactic aimed at generating publicity or awareness often without regard to any specific message, while Viral marketing is a means of spreading a marketing message through the use of contagious creative most often Web-video and Word-of-Mouth is the process of product story-telling. Balter's marketing agency concentrates on creating word-of-mouth campaigns for his clients but the name of his company is BzzAgent - no wonder the confusion.

Mark Huges, author of the book 'Buzz Marketing- Get People to Talk About Your Stuff' points out that in order to create buzz about your company or product you must develop a marketing campaign that incorporates at least one, and preferable more, of his Six Elements of Buzz:

1. Taboo,
2. Unusual,
3. Outrageous,
4. Hilarious,
5. Remarkable, and
6. Secret.

It would seem that these six elements are the same elements that generate the contagious spread of information - Viral marketing. In order for something to become viral, people must talk about it, ergo word-of-mouth. But people can talk and spread the word of a video or stunt without ever generating much talk about the product. The famous, or infamous, Oprah Winfrey-General Motors audience car give-away stunt is a prime example of generating talk about a stunt without generating much talk about the product. If as Balter suggest, word-of-mouth is 'product story-telling,' then there is definitely a difference between Buzz and Word-of-Mouth.

So if Buzz is the tactic for drawing attention to your company; and Viral is the method of spreading the message; and Word-of-Mouth is the result; we then have a clear distinction between the three marketing terms.

The question is how can we construct a Web-based marketing campaign that uses the Buzz tactic, Viral method, and Word-of-Mouth message to produce the ultimate marketing objective: more sales and profits; and are Huges' Six Elements of Buzz the only media attributes that deliver a marketing stir?

Solve The Marketing Mystery:
Discover Means + Motive + Opportunity

We've all watched enough 'Law and Orders' on television to know that solving a mystery requires learning the means, motive and opportunity of the puzzle. For today's marketers these elements are clear.

Motive: to attract attention, breed interest, stimulate desire, and generate action that ultimately produces increased sales and profits.

Means: the advent of relatively low cost desktop digital video tools and the creation of a new class of professional multimedia Web-video producers brings affordable multimedia creative to businesses that in the past could not afford professional video content.

Opportunity: the penetration of high-speed Internet connections plus the Web's ability to delivery multimedia audio and video combined with the introduction of Web-video search databases by dominant Internet players like Google and YouTube create the necessary opportunity.

Why Web-Video Solves the Buzz-Viral-Word-of-Mouth Mystery?

1. The 5 Strategic Goals of Marketing
2. The Anthropomorphization of Brands
3. Maslow's Extended Hierarchy of Needs
4. The 5 Elements of Communication

The 5 Strategic Goals of Marketing

Increased sales and profits is every company's prime motive, however, in order to achieve those goals, certain intermediate objectives must be met, especially as it concerns the Web that by its nature is a sterile, remote environment. Marketing campaigns should be constructed to provide the appropriate audiences with five essential elements:

1. Awareness
2. Emotional Utility
3. Functional Utility
4. Process Facility
5. Confidence

Target audiences must be made aware of the company's existence and must be made to comprehend its relevance to their needs; and market audiences must be provided with a platform to participate or get involved with the company.

A successful marketing campaign must tap into an audience's need for emotional utility, a quality created in the audience's collective consciousness from brand personality resulting from corporate behavior and audience experience.

The campaign must also be able to speak to the functional utility of the company's products or services. Hard information and easily understood instructions must be made available so that customers are actually able to generate the promised benefits of the product or service.

The campaign must facilitate the process of moving potential customers easily and conveniently from awareness, to utility, to incentive, to sale. The process must be transparent and mechanisms must be put in place to accommodate customers when things go wrong.

The campaign must also create confidence in the organization's ability to deliver the promised benefits both emotional and functional.

The Anthropomorphization of Brands

More marketers are beginning to appreciate the effect of brand personality on their relationships with customers and prospects. It is apparent that markets have a clear idea as to a brand's personality, whether a company pays attention to it or not. And just as significantly, it is clear that companies can't just change their television commercials or advertising agency to overcome an unwanted or undesirable personality.

Brand personality is a function of audience experience: everything from the way you respond to telephone inquiries, to users ability to comprehend packaging instructions, to your website and email inquiry response times. No amount of smiling friendly faces in advertisements will make up for the irritation of a multiple-transfer-disconnect when trying to resolve a problem over the telephone.

Companies are ultimately separate entities whose personalities are composed of a collective consumer consciousness created through experience, interpreted from a very human perspective. It is human nature to anthropomorphize non-human entities in order to better deal with them. Batra, Lehman & Singh point out in their 1993 paper that there are five significant human personality traits.

1. The Big Five Human Personality Traits:
2. Extroversion/Introversion,
3. Agreeableness,
4. Consciousness,
5. Emotional Stability, and
6. Culture.

Jennifer Aaker in her 'Journal of Marketing Research' article, Dimensions of brand personality, relates the Big Five Human Personality Traits to the Big Five Brand Personality Traits.

1. Big Five Brand Personality Traits:
2. Sincerity,
3. Excitement,
4. Competence,
5. Sophistication,
6. Ruggedness.

When companies build a website or implement any marketing initiative there are consequences in the market collective; managing those consequences is critical to not just developing a brand personality but managing and fostering it to meet your ultimate marketing motive; generating more sales and profits.

Maslow's Extended Hierarchy of Needs as It relates to Marketing

Abraham Maslow, who was the chairman of the psychology department at Brandeis University in the early 1950's, developed a theory for the hierarchy of human needs. Before his death in 1970 he revised his theory by extending the hierarchy to include higher value components.

The bottom of the pyramid starts with our physiological needs: the need to maintain physical well-being and self-preservation; as you move up the pyramid the needs become more socio-cultural: the need to be accepted in society; while at the top of the list the needs become more abstract and intellectual as they relate to self-identity and the need to communicate that identity to others.

Maslow's Extended Hierarchy of Needs

1. Physiological Needs

Water, food, sleep, warmth, health, exercise, sex.

2. Safety & Security Needs

Physical safety, economic security, comfort, peace, freedom from threats.

3. Social Needs

Peer acceptance, group membership, love, and association with successful groups.

4. Self-esteem Needs

Association with importance projects, recognition of strength, intelligence, prestige and status.

5. Self-actualization Needs

Need to take on challenging projects, opportunities for innovation and creativity, learning at a high level.

6. Cognitive Needs

Need to acquire knowledge and to understand that knowledge.

7. Aesthetic Needs

Need for beauty balance, structure.

As marketers, Maslow provides us with a blueprint for developing a brand personality that can effectively deliver a compelling, comprehensible, effective marketing message. Decide which of Maslow's needs your company satisfies and then construct a marketing plan that delivers both the personality and message that speaks to those needs.

We are lucky to live in the age of the Internet, for even the smallest of companies has the opportunity to communicate its brand personality and marketing message using the most effective communication environment ever invented, The Web.

The 5 Elements of Communication

To effectively take advantage of the Web's ability to communicate, you must understand the five elements of communication:

1. The Environment: the Web is a sterile environment that needs to be humanized in order to effectively deliver your brand personality and marketing message.
2. The Message: the Web is an information-infotainment environment where compelling, informative, memorable content is paramount.
3. The Messenger: the Web is a one-to-one communication system compared to traditional broadcast and print communication that is a one-to-many system.
4. The Audience: the Web is a place where visitors choose to visit you, do not short change them with second-rate information, poorly delivered in unimaginative, ascetically challenged presentations.
5. The Process: the Web's multimedia audio and video capabilities combined with the penetration of high-speed access makes for the perfect system to deliver brand personality and needs related marketing messages that humanize your website, speak directly to your audience on a one-to-one basis, and inform, enlighten and entertain your audience in a compelling, memorable manner.


There has always been an ongoing business battle between those responsible for technology services and those responsible for marketing services. The Internet may be a great technological achievement, and it no doubt can be used to provide extremely useful technological solutions, but at its core and from its earliest pre-Web days, it was always a way to connect and communicate information and ideas, and isn't that the essence of marketing?

The need for businesses to create awareness (Buzz), to spread that awareness throughout the marketplace (Viral), and to involve an audience in the spread of needs fulfillment (Word-of-Mouth) is achieved by taking advantage of the Web's multimedia communication capabilities. In short, the Web is a communication tool that can be used by marketers to speak with a human voice and human face directly to your attentive publics on a personal, human, one-to-one basis in order to achieve the prime business motive: more sales and profits.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Can I Stop This World From Spinning?

This song is insightful. The message seems sad yet it's the big truth and whatever I do, this is what I'm feeling all the time behind the smile on my face.

This song is absolutely one of my top favorites in Neyo's third studio album, "Year of The Gentlemen."

Here's the lyrics:

I woke up in heaven today
She kissed me I floated away, away
Never felt anything so great, mmm

Now I'll brace myself for the fights
Something must go wrong cause it's way to right
I'm light as a feather tonight, yeah yeah

Cause I can't feel the ground
Someone let me down
I've never felt so high as I do now
It's too good to be true
I've never felt a love strong enough to
Stop this world from spinning
Stop this world spinning, yeah yeah

And I see
Heaven when she looks at me
In her smile is the most amazing dream
And in her eyes I fall asleep, oh whoa

And I hope, oh
Hope that she can see through the smoke
Of my imperfections into my soul
And my heart where she has control
She has control

Cause I can't feel the ground
Someone let me down
I've never felt so high as I do now
It's too good to be true
I've never felt a love strong enough to
Stop this world from spinning',hey hey hey
Stop this world spinning

Happiness like this can never last ( can never last)
turns into the memories of the past (turns into the memories of the past)
Here today and gone just as fast (oh, gone just as fast)

And I can't feel the ground
Someone let me down
I said I've never felt so high as I do now
It's too good to be true
I've never felt a love strong enough to
Stop this world from spinning, hey hey hey
Stop this world spinning

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Survivor Analysis 5: GC Digs His Own Grave

Week five of Survivor Gabon was one of those unattractive episodes in SURVIVOR history. First, Fang lose back-to-back challenges sending home their perceived weakest member, GC Brown. Second, I couldn't understand why several of these castaways were making obtuse and mindless decisions after seventeen seasons.

This week's episode began with Sugar returning from Exile and was disappointed that her former Kota tribemate, Jacquie, was voted off instead of Kelly. She got the hidden immunity and instead of keeping the secret to other tribemates, her confidence during her stay at Fang Camp revealed otherwise.

Next day, Matty saw a large elephant nearby and he rapidly informed his tribemates about it. Seems like this is the very first time Matty saw an elephant in action and to satisfy his deep curiosity, he joined Ace as they kayak near the scene. Geez, this shot was breathtaking in HD and how I wish I was there too!

In Kota Tribe, Randy was completely satisfied with his new tribe. His strategy was to act like he was the "Hardworker" to avoid eviction. Randy's strategy seems an old-school technique and it might not work for him.

Quite the opposite for Dan. With all the nice and inspiring words he shared with the old Kota members (Marcus, Charlie, Corrinne and Bob) after winning the reward challenge, he was acting like he was in the chopping board.

“He's eager to express his undying complete and total devotion to the new Kota tribe that no one believes it.” Marcus commented.

Like I said in the first few sentences of this article, Fang lose back-to-back challenges and that would basically mean Kota once again won the reward challenge. The reward was a herb garden and a lot of food spices.

Reward Challenge
A tribe member would toss fruit through a hole in a wall to two members of their own tribe. An opposing tribe member would stand in front of the wall and use a club to try to knock away the fruit as it was thrown through the air. Once a piece of fruit is caught by a tribe member, it would have to be thrown through a hole in a second wall defended by a second opposing tribe member. The tribe that catches the most fruit by weight after five minutes would win (Wikipedia).

At first, Ace was great in knocking off Kota's fruits. Fang was nearly in victory but as the game sails on, Dan managed to outplay Ace and got the groove in volleying the fruit on the second wall.

"Fang’s fruit is weighed – 16 pounds. Kota is just under 15 pounds with two pineapples left. And that puts them up to 18. Kota wins! How the heck did that happen? Kota’s heavy-fruit strategy apparently served them well. (David Bloomberg

There's no stand-out characters during this challenge. Dan did good in volleying the fruit but that was not his best game. His best game was seen during the immunity challenge.

Immunity Challenge:
One member from each tribe would roll a large ball made of interwoven sticks down a hill. A blindfolded tribe member at the bottom of the hill would attempt to block the opposing tribe's ball with a shield and the aid of a caller. Behind the blocker would be a row of seven goals of varying point values. If a tribe's ball made it past the blocker and into a goal, they would be awarded the specified number of points. The tribe with the most points after five rounds would win (Wikipedia).

Without doubts, Kota won the immunity because of Dan's precise technique in shielding the ball with, of course, the help of the caller (Randy). Unlike Ace and Sugar on Fang, Sugar was not at all good in giving instructions. Ace was determined to shield the ball but how can he do it without the caller?

Fang lose the immunity challenge but at some points, it was also a good thing. If Kota lose this game, the old Kota members would stick together and get rid of Dan.

However, if Fang loses, no one in my I-favorites will be voted out. It's either Ace or GC who would got the boot. GC told his tribe he wants to go home and automatically, his old tribemates granted his wish and GC took the fall.

Seriously, this sounds like a ludicrous decision. Matty, Crystal, Ken and Kelly might still need GC for numbers.

Fang voted off their own tribe member and this spells "FAILURE" in the upcoming merge.

Survivor Philippines Updates:

John Lopez, the Bicolano model/mechanic, was voted out during Jarakay's second Tribal Council despite of his tight alliance with Jace and Vern.

After losing the immunity challenge, John already felt weak. His body was giving up but his mind wanted him to stay.

This event tell us that even the alpha man and the "perceived" threat in the game is not the perfect candidate to outwit, outplay and outlast the game of Survivor.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Internet Marketing: The Power of Conversion

I am not an expect in internet marketing. I don't even know how to drive traffic in my blog. Some authors say content is the KING but look, I regularly update my blog but still, nothing happened. My PR is still at number one and sometimes, it goes back to zero.

I don't feel frustrated though. Perhaps, PR is not something you need to own especially when you don't have any concrete knowledge in webmastering or link building. As a content writer, I simply write, write and write my insightful thoughts online.

I hugely rely on contents for optimization. In this case, contents are not enough and this is probably one of the best ways to market your blog but it still takes time.

The way I see it, the secret ingredient in driving traffic to your blog is consistency. One needs to have the patience to submit and bookmark his entries to all article directories, social bookmarking sites, free search engine directories and online communities.

Honestly, I don't do these tasks often. The level of my patience is low and at times, I simply forgot to bookmark my entries.

Anyway, just what my previous client told me, optimization is about having a system that works. If you want to be popular online, you need to be consistent in selling yourself online.

What's the secret point in all of this? Use the "power of conversion."

This is the one thing I can't forget about my previous client. I am not sure how effective this system is, yet it might spell SUCCESS.

If you can write 1 article of 400-600 words a day, that can mean everything in SEO world.

Using this 1 article, you can convert this article into different versions. If your article is written in informative-news approach, take time to convert it into a feature article, short story, newsletter, review, press releases and sales letter. You can also convert the written information into a five-minute video or podcast and post it to video sharing sites such as YouTube, GoogleVideo, MySpace, Bright Cove, PhotoBucket, BuzzNet, Kwego and more.

Imagine that! If you can do this, you can take the next step to your success and that will be the submission.

Spreading your winnings is a hard work. You may need to call the help of auto-softwares to be successful in this work. Or, you can hire agents to do the work for you.

First off is the article directories.

Submitting my contents in article directories is an achievement. Aside from the fact it can help drive traffic back to your blog, article directories are free, easy-to-operate and offers ranges of services (such as press releases submission).

I read this article written by seo researcher and he jot down all the article directories in the web world.

Here are some of them:

There are also free search engine directories out there. You can submit your blog url to these directories and just wait for some time for approval. Humans and not machines operate the transactions and the purpose of web directories is for categorization of quality and relevancy.

Remember: "Search engine" and "Web directory" are two different search services available to the Web community; although they are often mistakenly confused. Search engines have indices that are built up by robots or crawlers; whereas Web directories build up their indices through human editors (Barry Schwartz,SEO Chat)

Some of the famous free directories are 01Web Directory,, AbiLogic, One Mission and Sphericom Web Directory.


Never forget the various social bookmarking sites if you are into blogging. There are various bookmarking sites online and these can help you in optimizing your site. Every single day, many people are registering to these bookmarking sites to read what's the latest, the coolest and the trendiest. is my favorite bookmarking site. Stumble Upon is ok and very easy to use but I prefer Digg. The overall interface of Digg is simply great. I like its array of useful services. Like other bookmarking sites, you can't only read news and articles in Digg, you can also watch videos, listen to podcasts and dugg for your favorite pieces.

Unluckily, using only one bookmarking site is not enough. If you are hungry for optimization, you must spread your entries to various bookmarking sites and just observed how visitors come and go to your site.

I stumbled upon these 125 social bookmarking sites in search engine journal and to view them all, you can click this link: 125 Social Bookmarking Sites.

There are also online communities that can help you in communicating and sharing information to many people around the world. "The main types of social networking services are those which contain directories of some categories (such as former classmates), means to connect with friends (usually with self-description pages), and recommender systems linked to trust. Popular methods now combine many of these, with MySpace and Facebook being the most widely used in North America; Nexopia (mostly in Canada); Bebo, Facebook, Hi5, MySpace, Tagged and Skyrock in parts of Europe; Orkut and Hi5 in South America and Central America; and Friendster, Orkut, and Cyworld in Asia and the Pacific Islands (Wikipedia)."

For the complete list of online communities, here's the link: Social Networking Sites

Seems like the world of internet marketing is a new height of adventure that needs large amounts of patience, overflowing sales talk and a sprinkle of luck.

This is the power of conversion, converting your hardwork to success without leaving your home!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Survivor Analysis 4: Why These Castaways Survive and Won?

As Survivor Gabon continues to splash the primetime scoreboard, let's rewind the time a bit and understand why the previous castaways won the title of sole survivor. These analysis is written by David Bloomberg. If you want to print or read the uncut version, you can visit the link: Reality News Online

In the first season (Borneo), the best player ended up with the prize... Survivor’s Richard Hatch was the king of the schemers, the head of the plotters, the core of the alliance. He was, according to Kelly, like the Devil himself. Sean called him "Darth Gayder." He made deals to suit his own plans. He pretended to care about others while confiding in the TV audience that he cared little. He used his fishing skills as a weapon, withholding food when he thought people were taking him for granted. Polls taken after the show ended indicated that the TV audience didn't want him to win. At the same time, he helped make the show such a success for CBS. (Why Richard Won?)

Tina Wesson was the best player of Survivor 2: Australian Outback, though she attributed much of it to luck, and there is some cause to do so, though there is also plenty of reason to attribute it to her skills at dealing with people. Luck has shown its face in other series as well, and even Sandra, winner of Pearl Islands, said it played a huge role for her.

Survivor: Africa saw some people revert to the cluelessness of the first series, owing mostly to those who admitted they had not paid much attention to the first two seasons. Ethan Zohn, the winner, said that he watched the two previous series; Silas, who lost, said he hadn't.

Survivor: Marquesas showed us how to lose: By showing your hand and practically daring anybody to go against you, and by being obnoxiously lazy. Much of the reasoning behind Vecepia Towery's win stems from the irrational anger of several members in the Rotu 4 alliance who were tossed out by Neleh and never forgave her for daring to want to win the game herself.

Survivor: Thailand showed us that even people who read these rules and try to follow them, like Shii Ann did; have to also remember to expect the unexpected. Shii Ann did exactly what she should have if the situation had been as everybody thought it was. It also showed that a master of strategy like Brian Heidik can still win. though it sometimes takes a creative way of looking at the game to do so. By making several individual alliances, Brian set himself up to either succeed wonderfully or fail horribly.

Survivor: The Amazon reminded us that the best player doesn’t always win. Rob Cesternino was one of the best Survivor strategists ever, and I’m not just saying that because he read these rules and played accordingly. But in the end, he was foiled because he was too much of a threat to Jenna Morasca. Jenna won in a landslide against Matthew.All in all, Jenna did a decent job of scheming when necessary. She was not like Rob in that she definitely did not have her finger on the pulse of every person. When she was in a place of comfort, she pretty well coasted while Rob was always thinking, always trying to find the best angle. (Why Jenna Won?)

Survivor: Pearl Islands showed us once again that you can have the best plan in the world, but if you can’t survive the final immunity challenge, it just doesn’t matter... Sandra Diaz-Twine herself admitted, in her interview with RNO, that luck played a major role. But she did have some strategy in her willingness to sell her vote as long as it wasn’t her. It wasn’t terribly satisfying to most fans of strategy, but it won her a million dollars. Still, there was nothing to prevent anybody else from doing the same thing to her.

All-Stars showed us a few things, though much of what went on there has to be taken with a grain of salt because it was a special edition and almost everybody knew everybody else. Amber Brkich was not exactly thought of as “All-Star” material by many people when she was first announced as a contestant. Amber's strategy in All-Stars seemed to be somewhat similar to the one she used in Australia. She partnered up with a more obnoxious person who could drive the bus and take the heat. The first time she did it, Jerri was a bit too obnoxious and was voted off, thus taking away Amber’s shield. This time, Rob managed to stick around despite all the many strategic reasons he shouldn’t have. And that meant she could ride into the final rounds.(Why Amber Won?)

Vanuatu showed us to never give up, no matter how much the odds seem stacked against you. It also showed that if you continue to follow these rules while others around you fail to do so, you can still pull off the win. Chris Daugherty did everything he should have done in following these rules...

Palau showed us a few things. First, the biggest threat can still win under the right circumstances. One of those circumstances has to be that he is not simply a physical player, but also one with a brain. And as already mentioned earlier, Palau also showed us that some people still view Survivor as an opportunity to make new friends rather than a way to make a million dollars – and if you want to win, it’s a really bad idea. That's Tom Westman!

Guatemala, like Vanuatu, showed us never to give up. Danni Boatwright was a dead duck – the lone member of a losing alliance. But she never gave up. She jumped at a chance to save herself and took it day by day from there. She turned the game completely around, sending home the powerful and climbing up from the depths to the win. More importantly, Danni also showed that she knew the game was key, voting off friend Rafe to take the more vulnerable Stephenie to the final two for a better chance at the win.

Exile Island showed us how to survive when you’re not the best schemer and not the best at physical challenges, but you are the best at combining the two into a single person. Aras Baskauskas won by having bigger threats around him and knowing what to do with his position, while at the same time being a good enough player for the jury to recognize his abilities.

Cook Islands reminded us that while scheming and plotting might not win every edition, it still remains the most important aspect of the game. Winning challenges, as Ozzy did, is certainly another important aspect that can get a person to the finals, but Yul Kwon played the puppetmaster and won. It also showed that nice guys can finish first, as long as they’re also smart and willing to realize they can’t be nice the whole time because Survivor is a game.

In Survivor: Fiji, where Earl Cole managed to be a nice guy and make friends while still understanding that it is a game and friends may need to be cut loose – as he did with Yau-Man. He also showed how to direct people into doing what he wanted them to do without them even quite realizing that was what was happening.

China once again emphasized the value of having and enacting a plan, as Todd Herzog was a known schemer who still managed to pull a fairly easy win at the end. I think the Micronesia jurors will end up much like those in China – respecting good game play. After all, these are former contestants and fans, so they shouldn’t harbor the kind of ill will that led to Vecepia’s win, for example, as discussed earlier.

Micronesia reaffirmed the importance of both strategy and the social game, as Parvati Shallow emphasized both while eliminating emotion on her own part when it came to making decisions. She had multiple alliances that gave her a great amount of flexibility to go forward no matter which side came out ahead, and managed to do so without pissing people off so many of those who had been on an alliance with her even voted for her to win!

What Survivor Gabon Castaways Should Have Learned?

1) Make Machiavelli Proud: Scheme and Plot

2) But Don't Scheme and Plot Too Much/
Keep Your Scheming Secret/
Don't Backstab Until You Absolutely Need To

3) Be Flexible! You cannot simply tie yourself to one alliance and hope that it survives!

4) Don't Let Your Emotions Control You

5) Pretend To Be Nice/Keep Your Politics and Controversial Beliefs To Yourself

6) Don’t Be Too Much of a Threat

7) Vote Off: Weak, Strong, Weak, Strong

That left us with one question, who do you think will win in Gabon?

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Survivor Analysis 3: Switch Advantage for Kelly!

Once again, Fang displayed a very disappointing landslide loss during the fourth immunity challenge voting off the 25-year-old medical sales representative and a former Kota member, Jacquie Berg.

The first few minutes of the show was filled with nerves. Kelly Czarnecki was absolutely vulnerable after Kota's first Tribal Council where they sent little Paloma home. (To read the detailed analysis on why Paloma lost, you can read it on Reality News Online)

Luckily, an interesting twist happened and the remaining castaways were clueless about it. The goal: Every tribe member has to stand on a totem pole ranking themselves as who's the most indispensable tribe member and standing on the lowest pole is the most unlikeable tribe member.

There was no surprise Kelly was voted as the least likeable tribe member in Kota while Marcus the doctor, stood tall in the highest pole. The way I see it, Marcus deserved the rank number 1. He has been the strength and the mind of the Kota tribe in the previous episodes and he's smart enough to immediately build strong alliance with Charlie, Corrine and Jacquie.

Matty Whitmore was chosen as the most indispensable member in Fang. Next to him, is Dan the lawyer. These two alpha males were clearly proclaimed as the leaders of the Fang when it comes to challenges. What's a bit unfair is, Crystal was only standing in the fourth pole one step higher than Randy. I like Randy but he's been a whiner. He talks too much and most of the time, he's acting like he was invincible. Crystal was more of a tough competitor. She thinks before she speaks and she's a hardworker while in the camp.

After the ranking, Marcus and Matty were given the honor to select their first new tribe member. Matty chose Ace to be the first Fang member while Marcus picked Dan. Old school strategy! These captains chose strengths over wits.

"Ace picks Crystal because she beat him up so badly. Charlie goes with Randy and Crystal chooses Jacquie. Randy picks Corinne and Jacquie goes with Ken. Corinne has to choose, and just as I was wondering throughout the picking whether or not they had to do it alone or could get help, we see a huddle in which Randy is telling the others about how GC is negative and slacks off in challenges. Corinne follows their advice and chooses Susie (David Bloomberg)."

New Fang Tribe (RED):
Kelly, GC, Matty, Ken, Crystal, Ace, and Jacquie.

New Kota Tribe (YELLOW):
Susie, Marcus, Charlie, Dan, Corinne, Bob, and Randy.

The real stand-out castaway during this schoolyard pick was Ken. I might be bias in saying I like Ken because he picked Kelly (one of my impression favorites this season). Truth is, Ken was now learning how to play the game the way it should be played. He told Jeff Probst he's choosing Kelly due to her attractive physical physique yet there's more to that, Ken could use Kelly for his advantage to stay longer in the game. He's absolutely right! It doesn't matter if he's only taking advantage of Kelly, what's more important is, Kelly will be safe from the chopping board.

Sugar was the last and the 15th castaway standing on the pole. For this reason, she was declared as "safe" and she was again sent to Exile Island. She will act as the replacement. Whoever goes home in either tribes after Tribal Council, Sugar would take the spot.

Immunity Challenge: The tribes would play a lacrosse-like game on the water. Each tribe member would be on a raft and have a paddle. The castaways would paddle around the playing field, using the paddle to pass a ball from one tribemate to another. The first tribe to throw the ball three times into their opponents goal would win (Wikipedia).

Kota smashed Fang's ego as they raised their victory flag again. Their real hero is Marcus Lehman. He did all the hard work in paddling and in passing the ball. If Ken Hoang was the big name during the last week's immunity challenge, this time Marcus was the KING! He aced this challenge like he was only memorizing the alphabet.

In Fang, only three people were making castles (Matty, Ace and Jacquie) and their combined efforts were not as good as Marcus. Even the cocky personality of Ace couldn't outplay the competitive edges of Marcus.

Fang came home, feeling disappointed. The moment arrived where the "paranoia talks" sets in. Of course, the perceived weakest link was Kelly. Ace and Jacquie didn't like her. Matty wanted her to go home and Crystal went 50-50.

Seems like I was watching the nerve-cracking Nadal-Federer finals in Wimbledon 2008 while listening to their talks and conversations whether to salvage Kelly or not. If only if I was there, I screamed in front of their faces: "I WANT KELLY TO STAY. USE HER IN ANY WAYS YOU CAN USE HER BUT DON'T VOTE HER OUT!"

There's this insightful analysis made by Jeffrey Sadow's article entitled "Strategic Overview of Survivor, Episode 4: Poor Campaigning." He wrote,

"These original Fang members did get the initial part that they should knock out an ex-Kota member. From there on out, they botched it. First of all, their intelligence told them that Kelly was a marginal player – meaning that Jacquie and Ace were the real threats. This was accentuated by the understanding that, after two trips, Sugar had a good chance of having the hidden immunity idol and that (in their view) Ace was pimping both of them. Second, they knew that Ace was a good physical contributor, Jacquie was fair, and Kelly awful. Third, even as a result of this sendoff, they knew they could afford three more votes before they would have to cannibalize, and chances were that a merge would happen around that time..... So, the obvious target therefore should have been Ace."

Sadow is one of the writers in Reality News Online and if you want to read the full analysis, click here

I thought Kelly would finally say bye-bye but sorry Google but I need to say, Y-A-H-O-O! this time (LOL). Miracles do happen when you're least expecting it the most, Jacquie Berg the medical sales representative of Santa Barbara California, was sent home instead of Kelly who only got only 2 votes.

Survivor Gabon - Fourth Tribal Council

That was a big relief to me! Thanks to Crystal, GC and Ken for turning the tables upside-down with Matty on their side. I already lose Michelle in the very first episode and now Kelly, whoa! That's too much but she might still be on the chopping board next week if Fang will continue to lose. I heard she likes Parvati Shallow and unluckily, she's still not playing the way Parvati did in Cook Islands and Micronesia. Kelly really needs to do a lot of work before it's too late.

The way I see it, men got the upperhand in SURVIVOR GABON 9-5. Seems like another DOG can win this thing!

That's fine, after the gorgeous Parvati Shallow outlasted the rests in Micronesia, the men should now proved themselves they still got what it takes to be the next sole survivor. If a guy wins this season, hope it'll be Matty Whitmore, Dan Kay or Ken Hoang.

Still, it's too early for conclusions. The remaining castaways will still ride several rollercoasters, that's for sure.

COURAGEOUS EXIT in Survivor Philippines

The farmer girl, Vevherly, was sent home during the fifth Tribal Council in Ko Tarutao. Despite of her limping and feverish condition, Vevherly opted to stay in the game and didn't quit until the council's vote was tallied.

Although she's aware she was excluded in Rob-Chris-Kaye-JC alliance, she clings to nothing knowing she couldn't do anything at all when the tides are high. Not really the behavior of a survivor but it's a courageous move. Why keep on fighting when everything seems useless? Better let go and exit the game like you are still a champion.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Quotes and More Quotes To Ponder

"Be careful with the toes that you would be stepping on may be connected to the ass that you will be kissing tomorrow"

"It's different strokes for different folks!"

"Your body is the baggage you must carry through life. The more excess the baggage, the shorter the trip." - Arnold H. Glasgow

"Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality." -Ralph Marston

"If you are ashamed to stand by your colors, you had better seek another flag."

"Being worried is the proof of being alive."

"Be excited that you don't know where you are going."

"I can't think of a better place to waste away than lying here with you in my arms." -Kissed By An Angel

"Your wounded ego bears the sign of a competitor. You can lose but you can still learn how to roar like a lion."

"The person think they're so great, when in fact they're filled with rotten ideas."

"A born writer is born scrofulous; his career is an accident dictated by physical or circumstantial disabilities." - Dylan Thomas

"When men says no, it means the end of a discussion. When women says no, it means the start of a negotiation."

"Action speaks louder than words, but words with action speaks the loudest!"

"Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people." -Eleanor Roosevelt

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society."
-Mark Twain

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What Type of Writer Should I Become?

You Should Be a Film Writer

You don't just create compelling stories, you see them as clearly as a movie in your mind.

You have a knack for details and dialogue. You can really make a character come to life.

Chances are, you enjoy creating all types of stories. The joy is in the storytelling.

And nothing would please you more than millions of people seeing your story on the big screen!

This seems true! The moment I was writing my first FICTION novel, my mind was simply whirling with crazy ideas even when I was sleeping. These ideas were somehow screwing me off because some of these are plainly insane, controversial and off the hook.

Yet, that was a big advantage to me, I did a 140-page draft on my first novel and That was absolutely a hard work considering I suck at typing. Until now, I am still planning to add some more twists and turns. I love when my main characters suffer. LOL!

Monday, October 6, 2008

2008 is the Year of The Gentlemen

From “In My Own Words” to “Because of You,” Ne-Yo is back with his third masterpiece, “Year of The Gentlemen.”

Released on September 16, 2008, YOTG has already reached the peak of US Billboard R&B Album Charts, number two in Billboard Top 200 and it has received good professional reviews everywhere.

Rolling Stone hands out 4 out of 5 stars, Los Angeles Times at 4 and a half and Newsday gave it a rating of A-.

YOTG has twelve cuts:

1 "Closer" (3:54)
2 "Nobody" (3:07)
3 "Single" (4:18)
4 "Mad" (4:15)
5 "Miss Independent" (3:52)
6 "Why Does She Stay" (4:33)
7 "Fade into the Background" (3:18)
8 "So You Can Cry" (4:18)
9 "Part of the List" (4:10)
10 "Back to What You Know" (4:10)
11 "Lie to Me" (4:27)
12 "Stop This World" (4:24)

All these songs are about LOVE. The concept seems old school but it turns out, this is the type of stuffs I like about Ne-yo. He's fond of writing about love, letting go, heartbreaks and all that cheesiness but I never feel any traces of annoyance when listening to him.

Ne-yo is undeniably a great singer-songwriter who can dig deeper into the walls of my emotions and he has the ability to convert these emotions into a soulful melody. I am aware Ne-yo has taken a different route for YOTG and he's no longer making R&B traditional sounds here yet the album still got the power of a suave vocalist and the spunk of a good storyteller.

There are three stand-out singles right after I listened to the album. These are Track 3, 4 and 5. As I see it, these three tracks has brought back the niche I am expecting from Ne-yo. The mood intensity while listening to these singles is packed with cheesy but nice reflections.

Listening to Track 3: Single is like embracing a soft pillow in front of you. The beat is not irritating to the ears and Ne-yo's voice seems sugary and cool. Anyone can absolutely listen to this song anytime and anywhere. The lyrics is also a heartfelt especially when he sung:

“Pretty mama if you're single, single,| You don’t gotta be alone tonight.| So while the DJ play this single, single,| Just pretend that I’m your man tonight.”

It knocks me off my feet the first time I heard the intro of Mad (Track 4). The song is about a couple who's fighting for something with no plausible reasons at all. Personally, Ne-yo jumpstarts this song to success!

Whoever you are, you can relate with its simple narration and the rhythm all throughout the song is simply a bliss. This is my number one favorite pick in the album and I heard Ne-yo is releasing a music video for this song. Geez, I can't wait any longer!

Miss Independent (Track 5) is a smooth and upbeat single. Listening to it can make you dance and just think about your special someone. In fact, this is the second released single from the album and its music video premiered on August 21, 2008. The concept of the music video is a real fun. There are some cool dance moves and a lot of popular names in there. After listening to this song, you will understand why you are always attracted to miss independent.

Ne-Yo: Miss Independent Music Video

Aside from my Top 3 personal picks, “Closer (Track 1),” “Fade into the Background (Track 7)” and “Stop This World (Track 12)” are also a must-listen.

Overall, Ne-yo's YOTG is a new height of refreshing tracks. I'm more impressed with Ne-yo's “Because of You” but “YEAR OF THE GENTLEMEN” can still stand on its own.

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Survivor Analysis 2: Victory for Fang & More Updates!

At last, the Fang Tribe won their back-to-back reward and immunity challenges after their three straight loses in the first two episodes of Survivor Gabon.

The reward challenge was all about strength and only required a specific number of men and woman. The "One member of each tribe would hang on to a post. Two members of the opposing tribe would attempt to remove the tribe member from the post and drag them across the sand to the finish line. The first tribe to get the member of the other tribe across the finish line would receive one point. The first tribe to score two points wins (Wikipedia)."

The Fang Tribe aced the challenge despite their big failure during the first round, wherein GC opted to rest and worst case scenario is, he's not helping Matty to remove Ace from the post. Geez, what's happening to GC?

It's a huge grace from Heaven above when Fang did come back on the second round. Crystal and Randy have no dilemmas in dragging little Paloma to the finish line. Good work, Crystal! She really stands out during this challenge and she was acting like a hungry werewolf who wants to devour her enemies.

The third round was a real close fight.

"Marcus and Bob will go at it for Kota while Crystal and Matty go for Fang... Matty gets the top half of Ace off the post, but Bob and Marcus have Dan almost off. Crystal gets Ace’s legs off and they drag him along. Ace tries to get away but Matty tackles him. This is a tough fight on both sides. Matty pulls and pulls and… gets Ace across! Fang wins! (Reality News Online)"

In this reward challenge, the three stand-out characters in Fang were Dan (for hanging on and not giving up to Marcus and Bob's), Matty (for literally pulling Ace's legs to their victory) and of course, Crystal Cox (She was the bomb and her tribe has no hopes in winning without her).

GC was also a stand-out and until now, he didn't produce any positive notes for his tribe. He's behaving like he wants to give up and go home considering he has won the immunity idol around his neck the first episode and he's given the upperhand to stay in the game longer than the rest. If this is GC's strategy, it's not a good one but it might work for him.

Survivor: Gabon - Reward Challenge: Kicking and Screaming

Getting wet was the main concept of the immunity challenge. The six members have to slide into the river to retrieve numbered tiles. When all the numbered tiles are retrieved, it's all up to the tribe's seventh member to solve a numeric puzzle to open a locked chest. Inside the locked chest was an ax. The seventh member would use this ax to cut the rope and raise their tribe's flag.

During the first portion of the game, Fang was a little left behind in water slide. However, they still managed to catch up during the nerve-cracking puzzle match-up between an online-game-addict and a physics teacher.

Jeff Probst, the host, was even trying to rationalize and says,

"You don’t need to be a math major to figure this puzzle out."

Huge immunity victory for Fang in the end as Ken Hoang outsmarted the physics teacher in solving the complex riddle that goes like this:

"The sum of both end values equals the sum of the middle two, the last is equal to the second minus the third and is one less than its only neighbor."

Without a doubt, Ken Hoang was the big hero of this challenge and just by watching how he saved his tribe from another fall and shame, I think he'll be a dark horse in the succeeding episodes.

By the way, the correct answer to the riddle was 1-7-2-4-6-5.

Other highlights during this episode were:

1) The blondie, Sugar of Kota Tribe, found the hidden immunity idol during her stay in exile island and was too proud of herself saying that the soul of her deceased father was there to shower blessings.

2) Ace (Kota) was showing his true colors and all throughout the episode, he's been a cocky dog who thinks he's in a complete control of the game.

3) Paloma was voted-off and seriously, this little but attractive lass was one of my first choices to be in my FIRST IMPRESSION FAVORITES before the season's premiere. Unfortunately, I felt she didn't have what it takes to stay in the game.

I was amazed at how my instincts work and I was completely right, Paloma was the third castaway to go because her other tribe members thinks they still need Ace's strength in next challenges. Whoa! This puts my another favorite in the chopping board, Paloma's best buddy in the game is Kelly Czarnecki and if Kota will be in the Tribal Council next week, she might be the next one to go.

Geez, but I'm looking forward to a tribe switch next week and hopefully, Kelly might stay a little longer. If a switch happens, Kelly can advance into the jury. Michelle Chase was already out the game and she was voted out due to her perceived negative attitude. I don't want this unlucky event to happen to Kelly.

In fact, David Bloomberg of Reality News Online wrote:

"Before the game began, host Jeff Probst said in the TV Guide Network preview that Michelle was probably used to having people bring her into a group, but that doesn’t work on Survivor. Indeed, as the first rule says, “From the very beginning, you have to start making alliances and cementing relationships.” Michelle did neither, preferring to hang around almost solely with Ken and staying away from all the people she didn’t like (just about everybody else)."

To read the thorough analysis on why Michelle Chase lost, click this LINK

To read Paloma's exclusive interview, you can also visit the link: Reality News Online

Survivor Philippines Updates

Emerson Dino, the technician of Naak Tribe was voted out during the second Tribal Council and the tables have already turned upside-down due to Naak's first-ever win during the Gross Food Immunity Challenge.

Last Friday (10-02-2008), Gigit Sulit, tagged as Lone Rider and the oldest castaway in Survivor Philippines had to face the dead-end. Strategically, I rather have Gigit in the game than John.

It's a good news John was safe from danger and managed to come back on track. Yet, John was a real physical threat and his alliance with Jace and Vern was strong. If he's making it on the merge, he'll probably aced the individual immunity challenges and I don't want that to happen.

I want JC, Kaye and Nikki to get the upperhand as the season's progress but anything can happen, the more I expect, the more I get frustrated.

I'm sure there's still a lot of interesting twists in the game considering Jarakay was put in shock to vote another member out in the game right after Gigit exit.

This will be interesting, Jarakay was now vulnerable.

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