Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Survivor Insights 46: Amanda Wins Survivor Philippines Season 2 in Palau

Amanda won Survivor Philippines season two and she was the first Pinay Sole Survivor. Truth of this matter is; she deserves the title more than Justine and Jef.

Here are my reasons:

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Survivor Insights 45: Evil Russel Stays Alive

If there’s anyone in SURVIVOR who played like the Mentalist and a fortune teller, that would be Russel H. Russel, the great strategist. Russel, the manipulator. And he’s the first survivor who found the hidden immunity without a clue… TWICE!

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Survivor Insights 44: First Blindside in Aiga

The remaining twelve called themselves “Aiga.” According to Brett, this a Samoan term for extended family and hahaha, as I was reading the blog of Jeff Probst, this is what he said;

“Extended family? Gimme a break. (Truth be told, Brett probably really means it and Brett is the kind of guy that outside of the game you’d be friends with, your families would dig each other, and you’d end up having a lifelong friendship. But this is in the game and that’s a different story.)”

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Survivor Insights 43: Merge is Coming

The boys’ alliance (Erik, Brett, John and Dave) in Galu was heating up. They immediately elected Shambo as their leader and that leave three girls (Monica, Laura and Kelly) in vulnerable positions.

Heck, I could not understand why these boys wanted Monica out. If These boys singled out Monica as a weakling in challenges, was that enough to vote her out? Monica played with confidence during this episode’s reward challenge.